Mobile Dog Groomers Bournemouth

What to expect

Mobile Dog Groomers in Bournemouth

For the Love of Dog is a professional dog grooming service available throughout Bournemouth.

Our team of fully trained and qualified dog groomers are passionate about their work, providing your pet with the upmost care and attention.

They understand that each dog has unique pet grooming requirements, so provide a tailor-made service for your furry friend.

Of course, we understand that you might not have the time to visit our dog grooming salon, so are happy to visit your location! Our mobile dog grooming service is equipped with all the latest grooming equipment and products, so we can easily visit your home anywhere in Bournemouth!
We offer a complete range of pet dog grooming services including:

• Hand Stripping
• Bath and Tidy
• Teeth Cleaning
• Nail Clipping
• Puppy Introductions
• Full Grooms

All pet groomer appointments (expect puppy intros) include a complete health check, nail trim, ear cleaning, groom out, bath, dry, and style.

We’re happy to adjust the grooming services to your pet’s needs and answer any questions about the dog grooming products or techniques we use.

Expect your dog to look and feel better than ever with a professional dog grooming service from For the Love of Dog!

Dog Grooming Services

Hand Stripping

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Full Grooms

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Bath and Tidy

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Teeth Cleaning

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Nail Clipping

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Puppy Introductions

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To book your canine companions in for one of our services or to get a quote for any of the above then please contact us via our contact page or phone number: